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Second floor Weimer bathroom

Everyone in the entire world had internships except for me and this guy I had a huge crush had rejected my advance to hang out for the umpteenth time and I just slid onto the floor and sobbed for a minute or two and called my mom. But then I bought a Chick-fil-A milkshake at the Hub, so everything was better. 

Seeing my friends actually amounting to something- becoming amazing people, talented individuals who I know are going to do something important in the world… is really just showing me just how much of a failure I am. Of how I’ll probably live in my hometown forever, alone, and worthless. And although I’ll forget about these feelings in a couple of days, sooner or late they’ll come back and I’ll remember again just how much I suck. ;u;

Spring 2011 the basement of Jennings Hall multiple times from family troubles.
Cried the last two nights in North Hall dorm room after my mom called me up each night and yelled at me for not being good enough.
You should post a picture of yourself, Sad Hector!

done and done


Hume Hall

Missing home.

Lost Love
My favorite ice cream shop is closed. Sungrove, the produce store that also happened to have awesome ice cream. The place my grandparents would take my brother and me after daytrips to the beach and whatnots. The worst part: it’s been closed for months, but my mother thought I’d be “too sad” so she wouldn’t tell me. When I’d ask about going she’d just say, “sure honey,” but then we’d never go. Apparently she was hoping that if I ever pushed the “I really want ice cream” thing, she’d just convince me to settle for some other second-rate ice cream. Like that would ever suffice. 

I’m staying with my grandparents, aunt and my 5 year old cousin this summer to take some classes at the local college .. I hate it.  My cousin is such a brat…  All I want to do is go back to UF :(  I miss my friends, good classes, and having the freedom to talk at a normal volume after 8:00pm.  58 days till the Fall semester starts.  I can’t fucking wait